Thank you for your support!

I am ever so grateful for the generosity of my fans!
Music is my life. It’s what I LOVE to do & connecting with great people is what it’s all about!
I pledge to continue to spread happiness by creating and singing songs that resonate with POSITIVITY!



1. My fans are the COOLEST people EVER

2. My fans LOVE to sing along and join in the fun

3. My fans PAY ATTENTION – Sometimes I think no one is seeing my posts but then you surprise me by mentioning something that I posted months ago

4. My fans make me SMILE – You guys NEVER seem to have a bad day. You ALWAYS seem so happy to be at my shows. I secretly hope I put you in that cheery mood you’re in

5. My fans are SO SUPPORTIVE of my original music! I thank YOU for LIKING, FOLLOWING, DOWNLOADING, and for just plain ENJOYING my art.

6. My fans INSPIRE – They inspire ME every day with every comment, thumbs up, dollar in my tip jar, kind words of encouragement and just a happy smiling face.

7. My fans LOVE my music – which makes me LOVE to make more music to share with YOU!

8. My fans love to TRAVEL as much as I do – I am always shocked when I see friends at out of state shows. Some told me they traveled 15 hours to see me! THAT’S A DEVOTED SUPER FAN!

9. My fans are HELPFUL – I ALWAYS appreciate when you guys pass my name along to venues and booking managers or tell me that I misspelled something on my website. It’s not easy being an Indie artist. I spend MANY nights doing music stuff while the rest of the world is sleeping.

10. My fans are LOYAL! – I still have my first piece of fan mail that was sent to my agent in Los Angeles years ago. That fan was a little girl who saw me in one of my first shows where I was the lead character. She is still following me to this day.